Hi, I'm YenCheng FU

I’m a Taiwanese UI/UX designer studied abroad in San Francisco, and Work in Tokyo now , Passionate about innovation and design of humanized solutions, Like To Use Design Skills To Solve Various Problems.

Resume Portfolio
  • The language I can speak

    Business Level
    Master degree of Academy of art university (San Fransico)
    Daily conversation
    Japanese JLPT N2 level
    Hokkien & Hakka
    Daily conversation
    Hakka + Hokkien = Me

    My skills

    My ability

    App/Web UI/UX design process
    design thinking ability
    Empathy Situational Design
    Information Architecture Design
    Functional flow design
    Design management time planning ability
    Create WBS
    Create product backlog
    Business design thinking
    User flow
    front-end interactive effects
    HTML5/css3/javascrpit Development
    Familiar with adobe related software
    iOS and Android design knowledge
    Good teamwork
    Independent development
    Improve UX based on the google analysis
    Remote working ability
    Ability to work with international teams
    Ability to adapt to overseas life
    Self-learning ability
    Apple Mac user

    My Deta

    Design related years

    4 years BFA degree in game design major, 3 years Master degree in Academy of art University, 7 years Working experience


    UI design, UX design, Graphic design, Filming, Front-end, Design management, Project management, Human Resource Development, Recruitment, Development and Operation, Marketing, Photography, SEO, Travel, Consulting Software, Education


    Joined the five-person team of the start-up company established by the previous Sony Vaio product manager Gustavo Dore and the previous Google human resources manager Piotr Feliks Grzywacz as the UI/UX Lead in WelcomeHR project, Before I left my job, WelcomeHR got a user case of a large Japanese chain store. The product use cases are all over Japan’s large, small and medium-sized enterprises and chain stores. The two most famous companies are Japan’s second-ranked ktv chain store "カラオケ館" and pizza shop "ピザーラ" with up to 522 branches.

    Education & Work Experience

    Work Experience

    Previous Cooperation partner


    My international experience

    My video review

    My hobbies are photography, travel, watching movies, video and editing

    Journey to the Snow Country of Japan

    American work and study life

    Climb to the top of Mount Fuji

    Hokkaido trip

    Japan Golden Week


    Work and life in Japan

    My interest

    Outside of work, I like a deep cultural journey. For me, design and culture are inseparable.
    As a good experience designer needs to understand the humanities, history and culture of different places.


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